Social Responsibility

As one of Turkey’s leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, Anadolu Isuzu touches all segments of society and all aspects of commerce with its vehicles that perform various tasks in the cycle of life and commerce. Acting on this simple premise, Anadolu Isuzu views social responsibility activities as an important means of complementing its corporate identity.

Anadolu Isuzu implements social responsibility activities in order to create sustainable and lasting value for the society and raise the welfare of individuals.

It supports social development activities in a determined manner through the collaborations it has realized.

At Anadolu Isuzu, volunteering stands at the core of its social responsibility activities, which are carried out with a systematic and planned approach. Anadolu Isuzu is a member of the Private Sector Volunteers Association, which works to spread corporate volunteering in the private sector and to carry this out in a sustainable and systematic manner. It actively takes part in the activities.

Anadolu Isuzu Employees Have Voluntarily Participated in Education, Environment and Disability Projects.

Since 2014, Anadolu Isuzu’s social responsibility activities have been carried out with the contribution of an increasing number of voluntary employees each year. The activities continuing under the framework of Social Awareness Projects have mainly focused on education, the environment and disability. In this context, Anadolu Isuzu demonstrates its contribution through the voluntary participation of its employees. Competitions were held with the aim of improving the environment in which we live and to help bring about a better environment within the scope of the Environment Day. Competitions were organized in order to reinforce the perspective of our goal of zero accidents and raising awareness of safety in the Occupational Safety Week.

Unused clothes, unread books, and unwanted toys were left in the colorful gift boxes at the lobby in the Anadolu Isuzu Head office, where the gifts would reach their new owners. By donating these gifts, employees could share in the joy not just of consuming but by producing and sharing. The clothes and toys which were donated in the boxes were sent to the Anadolu Foundation.

Highlights From the Social Awareness Projects Undertaken by Anadolu Isuzu

Within the scope of the work carried out by R&D team volunteers with their own means, the renovation of The Gebze Yıldırım Beyazıt Secondary School project was carried out.

With the support of volunteers, the education needs of children at the Hakkari Gelişen Village Aralık Hamlet primary school were met.

In cooperation with the Inter-University Animal Protection Community, volunteers from the Suadiye Rotary Club and Anadolu Isuzu came together to help stray animals in the Kurtköy forest. Within the scope of the event, shelters were built from waste wood to protect the stray animals from cold winter conditions.

Organized in cooperation with the Red Crescent Blood Center, the 17th Blood and Stem Cell Donation event was organized on 27th and 28th March. During the event, 71 units of blood were collected.

Under the We are Anadolu (Anatolia) project, which was launched with the aim of protecting children from the abuses committed by terror organizations and steering them away from bad habits by sharing cultural and common values and strengthening a sense of unity, 50 secondary school pupils from Ağrı were able to have direct production experience at Anadolu Isuzu.

During the event, organized in cooperation with the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, certificates were obtained within the scope of the Let Waste Be Forests (Atıklar Orman Olsun) Project, which is aimed at the recycling of electronic wastes collected by Isuzu employees.

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