Social Responsibility

Being a member of the Association of Corporate Volunteers that works on the issues such as proliferating the concept of corporate volunteerism and handling volunteerism at companies in a more sustainable and systematic framework, Anadolu Isuzu attaches importance to social responsibility and volunteer works and touches all segments of the society.


The Social Awareness Project put into force within the scope of the Young Isuzu Development Process was launched with contributions from 150 volunteer employees. Employee volunteerism activities on issues such as environment, education and disabilities were held in cooperation with Non Profit Organizations and important results were received that would create value for and make contributions to the society. The approach in question allowed for the establishment of awareness on the concept of volunteerism and enables employees to receive positive gains from each other and the process.

The social responsibility works realized under the leadership of volunteer employees are below:

  • A Whole Another World in One Step

    It is aimed to inform the company employees and increase their awareness on the right approach to disabilities within the scope of the projects. In parallel to this, it is aimed to increase the living quality of the employees with disabilities within the company in both social and business environments,

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    Social Responsibility-7
    helping them to be more active. The process to establish the project idea was conducted under the leadership of a volunteer team composed of 4 employees. The project was realized in cooperation with the Dreams Academy Team of the Alternative Life Association for the project. Having started with 4 employees,

    this journey reached a group of around 60 volunteers with the contributions from the volunteer employees within the company. Within the scope of the project, 24 volunteer employees received the “Approach to Disabilities, Training of Trainers” training and afterwards trainings were held for delivering this training to a significant number of employees and raising awareness among them as well.

  • A Really Magical Project

    The project in question is the process of making contributions for the socio-economically disadvantaged children in one of the biggest and most multi-cultured metropolitans, that are trapped in a limited area to learn about their culture and environment, to improve their creativity in parallel to this with trainings and workshops. Within the scope of the project, it was aimed to enable 10 children at the age group of 10-12 that were determined by Tarlabasi Social Center (TTM)

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    to learn about the city by engaging in culture and art, to improve their approach to life and to support their creativity. In this direction, the concept of creativity was promoted to the children in question with some educational studies,

    their awareness was raised with cultural activities and they were provided with an opportunity to express themselves within a free application field.

  • Green Isuzu

    Within the scope of this project it was aimed to inform Anadolu Isuzu employees on protecting environment and raise their awareness.

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    Cloth bags were handed out to employees and consumption of plastic bags was decreased in this way. Presentations and e-mail briefings also helped to raise awareness.
  • Other activities held within the scope of social responsibility are

    Tree planting festivals are held within the scope of June 5, World Environment Day. Blood donation days are held twice a year with the Turkish Red Crescent.

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    A book collection campaign is held three times a year for the libraries of schools in disadvantaged regions.Carrying out coaching activities with the participation of our volunteer employees for vocational high school students.