Value Chain

Anadolu Isuzu focuses on managing its value chain with an integrated approach.

For Anadolu Isuzu, supply chain management, marketing and distributor network development activities and after sales services are corner stones of the value chain management and accelerating corporate success.

Değer Zinciri

Focusing on bringing people together with reliable vehicles and services with top level safety and quality standards, Anadolu Isuzu aims at carrying its success in value creation cycle from one end to the other and developing customer satisfaction by using advanced technology and quality systems.

Anadolu Isuzu Value Chain Key Metrics (2020)

Supply chain: 375 suppliers
Foreign suppliers: 75
Long term Relations with suppliers: 30+ years with 20% of the suppliers
Number of individual items planned for production: 38.000
Domestic service network: 93 authorized service centers operating in 60 provinces
International service network: 123 authorized service providers in 35 countries

When selecting its suppliers, Anadolu Isuzu considers many different criteria, and follows an objective and lean approach. Some of these criteria are as follows:

  • Overall compliance with Anadolu Isuzu’s policies and strategies
  • Refusing child labor, forced labor and any kind of discrimination
  • Acting in accordance with confidentiality principle
  • Paying respect for collective agreements and unionizing rights
  • Compliance with standards of regulations and industry
  • Compliance with legal working hours
  • Respecting ethical principles
  • Production in line with environmental and OHS regulations

Anadolu Isuzu’s quality commitment has a great contribution to value chain.

Anadolu Isuzu defines its responsibility in terms of its products and services as:

  • Providing safe and comfortable products and services,
  • Developing its products and services in a sustainable fashion,
  • Implementing a customer oriented approach throughout the value chain.

Additionally, Anadolu Isuzu pays great attention to its production to comply with legal regulations of the countries which their products will be used in. Working towards the objective of offering its products and services to its customers in the highest quality standards, Anadolu Isuzu secured all of its production process in its factory with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standards.