Business Continuity Policy

The concept of being service oriented in customer satisfaction is likely to be the most important issue emphasized by Anadolu Isuzu in the Turkish automotive industry. As Anadolu Isuzu, which attaches importance to quality in production, sales and post-sales processes since the first day, we must ensure to overcome any incidents that may suspend our services, and offer them continuously.

We are responsible not only in terms of legal and regulative requirements based on agreements, but also towards our business partners, our environment, country and society with which we interact.

Therefore, as Anadolu Isuzu, the goal of our business continuity policy is to firstly secure human life in any emergency cases; prevent or minimize any accidents that may cause interruption in business continuity as well we their impacts. We aim to meet the demands in our operation areas in the shortest time possible to the extent that required minimum and also to return to standard service levels as soon as possible.

For successful management of business continuity, our employees, suppliers and business partners must be aware of their duties and responsibilities; fulfill them successfully before and in case of accident, and always be prepared. Therefore, regular training and awareness raising activities, inspections and practices are carried out.

In business continuity activities performed within Anadolu Isuzu, ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System is referred. This system must be kept alive where regular improvement is essential for its success.