Human Resources Policy

Anadolu Isuzu is managed by an innovative and dynamic understanding that invests in improvement and respects social values and beliefs.

Anadolu Isuzu Human Resources Vision

Being a strategic business partner creating competitive advantage.

Anadolu Isuzu HR Mission

Providing value added for the whole organization by increasing employees’ motivation and improving their skills

Human Resources Policies at Anadolu Isuzu are based on 4 main concepts:

  • Recruiting the right person for our company
  • Investing in continuous learning and improvement
  • Supporting organizational improvement
  • Strengthening the engagement culture

Anadolu Isuzu operates with the objective of passing its prestige over to next generations by offering the best services and products not only to the countries in which it is active but to all humanity. The Main Values that it considers as principles are as follows:

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Being Faithful
  • Social and Environmental Awareness

And the Business Values that constitute the way of doing business of every single Anadolu Isuzu member are:

  • Being People-Oriented
  • Taking Information As Priority
  • Being Action-Oriented

Anadolu Isuzu serves “people above all” regardless of their language, religion, race and gender in light of its values and corporate culture. Being a company that supports equality of opportunity in business life, our company gives importance to creating diversity and increasing the number of women working for our company.

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Organizing training in various subjects during the year by the department of human resources development Anadolu Isuzu employees themselves are provided.

Career at Anadolu Isuzu

Our values that shape our vision and mission guide us in the recruitment process. We give priority to the requirement that all our candidates have Anadolu Group competence and values.

We attach importance to our employee candidates’ ability to think globally, be open to team work and communication, attach importance to improvement, analyze, take initiative while making a decision and we act with a business and customer-oriented working principle. As for the candidates for manager positions, we consider leadership, strategic thinking and managerial effectiveness qualities as priority.

We evaluate candidates with competency-based interviews, general aptitude tests, professional personality inventories, English tests and our evaluation center applications for each position when deemed necessary and then start our recruitment process.

You can apply for the vacant posts at our company through our portal called “AnadoluKariyerim” , through web site or through the “Job Notices” tab on our ‘Anadolu Group Career’ page on Facebook.

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