Information Security Policy

Anadolu Isuzu acknowledges corporate information as a valuable asset. The environment used in our activities which contains corporative and various information pertaining to Anadolu Isuzu and/or our business partners is critical in terms of our business and responsibilities, and should be secured adequately.

The concept of security comprises of 3 components: confidentiality (prevention of access of unauthorized persons to information); integrity (complete, accurate, unchanged without authorization); and accessibility (being available for use when needed). Any weaknesses in any of these key components may considerably affect the integrity and reliability of the business activities of Anadolu Isuzu.

This policy is designed for protection, maintenance and management of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of corporate information, information systems, processes and practices. This policy is applied to all personnel and business partners using the information assets of Anadolu Isuzu. Irrespective of occupation and position, all Anadolu personnel and suppliers shall mitigate risks, work in compliance with recognized best practices and comply with the safety principles set forth in the relevant regulations, policies, procedures and legislations, and the working principles of Anadolu Isuzu, as well as in contracts and conventions.

Each unit manager is the key person responsible for taking necessary measures and supervising activities in his/her core responsibilities in order to ensure compliance with the Information Security Policy.

Anadolu Isuzu aims to protect both its own information and information assets and those of its partners through the Information Security Management System. In order to achieve this target, Anadolu Isuzu Management is committed to provide necessary resources for establishment, application, management and continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System.

Violation of the policies on information security and failing to implement necessary inspections against risks may lead to material and immaterial damages to Anadolu Isuzu. Therefore, any violations of information security and/or concerned policy that may be detected as a result of observation, inspection and/or reporting may cause to imposing internal disciplinary penalties that may extend to initiating judicial and penal procedures.

Operating the ‘Information Security Management System’ in compliance the ISO 27001 standard will ensure protection of our reputation and continuity of success in our business. I would like to thank all Anadolu Isuzu personnel for their attention and support to information security.