Experience and knowledge of Anadolu Isuzu is based on Çelik Montaj, which started light-truck and motorcycle manufacture in 1965. Anadolu Isuzu is the first Japanese partnered company in automotive sector of Turkey. This partnership and cooperation has continued from 1984 up to now.


Having maintained its studies in design and product development until 2009 under the umbrella of Engineering Department, Anadolu Isuzu made an application to Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in April 2009 to be a R&D Center within the scope of Law no. 5746 About Subsidy of Research and Development Activities and entitled to obtain a certificate of R&D Center, valid from 3 June, 2009 following the inspections and surveys conducted thereof.

with a significant investment in 2015, Anadolu Isuzu moved to its new and modern building of R&D Center. Thus, it has been continuing its R&D activities fast in a closed area of 6220 square meters in total with new test centres, prototype workplace and office areas.

R&D Center has carried out more than 20 project applications, supported by ''Tübitak,'' Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and international organizations from past to present. In the light of activities of R&D Center, cooperation with universities, patent, design, registration, publication/presentation studies are maintained increasingly.

Anadolu Isuzu R&D Center incorporates all required functions from industrial design to ready-for-sale products.

New test and analysis facilities were also engaged along with New R&D Center, completed in 2015. Anadolu Isuzu R&D Center includes conditioning test chamber, 20 m in length (-40/+65°C), pendulum impact test, stability tests for the cars, which is 18 m in length, single axis hydraulic component fatigue test, SORT (standardized fuel consumption) test, NVH (noise and vibration) , TASE (thermal and aerodynamic), vehicle dynamic, road, brake and performance tests in the test center.

At the same time, R&D Center also provides its test and analysis facilities as an external service to all companies in need of such within the sector.

Giving particular importance to innovation all the time, Anadolu Isuzu R&D Center continues to offer products, which shape the future, provide the highest value for the customers as regards the designed products, that are nature-friendly and that represents our country best in the international arena thanks to its young, dynamic and innovative team.

It is our main target to carry out projects which will increase the R&D characteristic, economic power and technologic level of our country and Anadolu Isuzu.