R&D is one of the cornerstones of Anadolu Isuzu’s strategy. Increasing competition in global and national arenas and rapidly evolving demand conditions increase the importance of R&D and innovation for all economic actors.


R&D, which reduces companies’ dependence on external resources, enables the development of innovative technologies and contributes to the national economy. R&D activities not only increase the competitive clout of companies in domestic and international markets, but also strongly contribute to the improvement of overall performance in many fields such as cost management, efficiency and customer satisfaction and especially sustainability. R&D centers, which offer companies the opportunity to improve their competitive thresholds, also bear key importance in adapting to technologies in the world in product and production quality. Companies operating in Turkey’s automotive sector which are intertwined with technology closely monitor both the rapidly developing and changing trends in the sector and the customer expectations in the sector, and they carry out activities in this direction.

As part of its corporate strategy, Anadolu Isuzu attaches special importance to R&D activities and continuously develops its investments in this field. The history of the Anadolu Isuzu R&D Center, which was one of first R&D Centers to be registered by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, dates back to 2009. It had been carrying out its activities as the engineering departments in previous years. With the investment implemented in 2015, the Anadolu Isuzu R&D Center is now housed in a modern building with all kinds of technological equipment, and it has become a fully equipped R&D center.

For Anadolu Isuzu, R&D is a function that contributes to the company’s profitability and its sustainable future. The modern building of the R&D Center, with 6,220 m2 of enclosed area, houses one of the largest new test centers in Turkey and Europe, a prototype workshop, office and meeting areas.

The R&D Center Directorate, which operates under the General Manager within the company, consists of 2 departments, 4 groups and 19 teams, in which the following activities are carried out.

  • New vehicle development,
  • Product Verification
  • Defense Industry
  • Special Projects,
  • Test Center and Validation services,
  • Design Center,
  • Production Engineering,
  • Project Management.

The R&D Center, which employs approximately 100 people, continues to offer innovative products and services in the international arena by respecting the environment with its dynamic and expert human resources, and adds value to the lives of its customers.

Anadolu Isuzu’s products, services and R&D activities continued to win the acclaim of stakeholders in 2018 and scored highly in independent rankings. Anadolu Isuzu, the leader in Turkey’s automotive industry in terms of patents, obtained the highest number of patents at the R&D center, with 276 patents. In 2018, the Company tabled applications for 78 patents, 29 design registrations and 22 utility models.