What is Anadolu ISUZU V2X?

  • Anadolu ISUZU V2X (Connected Vehicle) is the first V2X system that is implemented into commercial Vehicles.
  • Anadolu ISUZU V2X system is going to be published as an option to customers.
  • V2X is a system that connects vehicles through 4G/5G Interface.
  • V2X system is going to help with safe and efficient driving experience.
  • On our project we are developed a On Board Unit that communicates with vehicles , Infrastructures, networks ,pedestrians , grids and devices via 4G/5G.

V2X will provide the following objectives;

  • Enhancing traffic safety,
  • Reducing time loss and CO2 emissions through traffic optimization,
  • Contributing to the country‚Äôs economy by ensuring energy efficiency,
  • Improving travel comport,
  • Utilizing existing road capacities effectively and efficiently.