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Anadolu Isuzu’s sustainable growth path began in 1965. The foundations of Anadolu Isuzu were laid in 1965 where the production of trucks and motorcycles were carried out in the first stage of activities, which started under the title of the Steel Assembly. Production of the Skoda branded light truck continued until 1986.

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Anadolu Isuzu assumed its current title with the license agreement reached with Isuzu Motors Ltd. in 1983. Production of Isuzu vehicles started at the Istanbul Kartal Plant in 1984.

Anadolu Isuzu today continues its activities as a joint venture consisting of leading groups in Turkey and the world:

Operating in the commercial vehicle segment of the automotive sector, Anadolu Isuzu has a strong product range, high value-added after-sales services, and an extensive dealer and technical service organization. Producing vehicles in the truck, van, midibus and bus segments, Anadolu Isuzu also has an assertive position in export markets.

In addition to the production and marketing of commercial vehicles, Anadolu Isuzu also manufactures carcasses and related by-products under the name of Anadolu Metal in addition to the annual production of 19,000 commercial vehicles in its production facilities with a closed area of 118,000 square meters located on 311,000 square meters of land in Şekerpınar, Çayırova. The company provides service to its customers through 91 authorized service points in Turkey along with 132 service points in 44 different countries abroad. The total number of employees at Anadolu Isuzu is 1269. Anadolu Isuzu shares have been traded on the BIST with the trading code "ASUZU" since 1997.

Important Dates For Anadolu Isuzu:


Foundation of Çelik Montaj company


Registry of Anadolu Otomotiv Sanayi title


Signature of technical assistance agreement with Isuzu


Start of truck manufacturing with Isuzu Motors Ltd.


License, and launching of the first vehicle NPR 59


Signature of partnership agreement between Isuzu / Itochu / Anadolu Endüstri Holding; Establishment of first Turkish/Japanese partnership in the automotive sector


Start of the manufacturing of the midibus and the small bus which were the designs of AIOS


Municipality has started vehicle production type


NKR-Wide, hafif kamyon üretimine başlandı


Beginning of export operations


Raising the Japanese partners’ shares to 35% and change of the company name as Anadolu Isuzu, Usage of total quality management systems,


Raising the Japanese partners’ shares to 35% and change of the company name as Anadolu Isuzu, Usage of total quality management systems,


The company's shares started to be traded in Istanbul Stock Exchange


The new factory in Gebze Şekerpınar commenced production.


Production Turquoise bus was initiated


NQR 3 axle truck production was initiated


Bus exportation to European Union began. ISO 9000:2000 quality certificate was acquired.


The 20th anniversary of Isuzu brand in Turkey was celebrated; Sales of D-Max pick-up began; 80.000 Isuzus were unloaded from Isuzu production line.


2000. Turquoise bus was unloaded from the production line. N-Series truck and light duty trucks were renewed. D-max pick-up was renewed. Royal bus took the name of Roybus with its turbo engine.


The production Turquoise with new look was initiated. Faces and engines of NPR, NQR, NQR 3D were renewed. Faces and engines of Roybus Classic and Urban were renewed.


Euro 4 engine started to be used on Turquoise model which was exported to EU member countries. Front and rear appearance designs were renewed. The launching of first 9 meter bus model Citimark was made. Exterior and interior designs of D-Max 4x4 and 4x2 were renewed. 100.000 Isuzu vehicles were unloaded from the production line.


The Memorandum, which confirms the intention to develop the cooperation between Isuzu Motors and Anadolu Isuzu , was signed in Japan. The production of first 9 meter bus model Citimark was initiated. IMM (Isuzu Manufacturing Management), globally shared manufacturing system of Isuzu, started to be implemented in AIOS truck factory.


25th anniversary of vehicle production in Turkey with Isuzu was celebrated. Novo, Novo Lux and Novo Ultra, our new buses in the Euro 4 emission class , were introduced. NLR, NLR Long, NNR, NNR Long, NPR, NPR Long and NPR HP, our N-Series vehicles in the Euro 4 class, were introduced. Anadolu Isuzu has gained the right to be the R&D Center.


The capacity of NPR, which had maximum 7.5 tons load weight as the most important vehicle of Anadolu Isuzu in the truck segment– was increased to 8 tons. 3 new models of NPR; NPR 8, NPR 10 and NPR 3D were put up for sale.


9.5 meter long new public transportation vehicle Citibus was put up for sale.


New bus model Visigo and renewed Novo model midibus was launched and put up for sale.


The first domestic D-Max model pick-up was manufactured. 12 meter long new public transportation vehicle Citiport was launched and put up for sale.


Passing to upper segment in truck class by launching new model TORA with the capacity of 15.7 tons.


Specially designed for service and school transport, the NOVO S was promoted. Within the framework of EU regulations, the transition was carried out from Euro 5 to Euro 5b+emission standards in the light duty truck segment and from Euro 5 to Euro 6 in the truck and bus segments. Anadolu Isuzu’s new, independent R&D center was officially opened.


Anadolu Isuzu lodged the highest number of patent applications of any company in Turkey in the first half of the year. Numerous launches were completed during the year including the introduction of a public transportation vehicle and smart mobility system, as well as the New Isuzu D-Max. The IMM Certification has been updated to cover all production at Anadolu Isuzu. BBC Top Gear awarded D-Max with the Pick Up of the Year award.


Focusing on new regions, business lines and segments, Anadolu Isuzu achieved its highest international sales figure in the last 24 years in 2018, with export sales of EUR 93 million. The Company, which launched its Anadolu Otomotiv Sanayi (Anadolu Automotive Industry) brand, won the Platinum Award with the Visigo, the Gold Award with the Citiport and Novociti Life, and brought three awards to Turkey in the A-design Award&Competition, which is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards. Anadolu Isuzu embarked on its strategic cooperation with the Czech Tatra Group and started to operate in the defense industry under the Anadolu Defense brand. Anadolu Isuzu, the patent leader of the Turkish automotive sector, brought the domestically produced 4x2 D-Max to the market and launched the world’s first electric truck.