Occupational Health and Safety

Anadolu ISUZU’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy is based on the participation and support of all its employees.

We exert efforts to fulfill the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety legislation, to create a safe business environment, to improve our employees’ awareness on health and safety, to make improvements that prevent occupational accidents and diseases.

We are aware of the fact that it is our responsibility to protect the sub-contractors, suppliers and interns that work at our facility and visiting guests in terms of health safety.

We undertake to follow and support the sustainability and continuous improvement of a healthy and safe business environment at Anadolu ISUZU.



  • Our Aims and Objectives

    Taking permanent and efficient measures to prevent occupational accidents and diseases

    Delivering Occupational Health and Safety trainings at the highest level

    Informing people and raising awareness on Occupational Health and Safety

    Establishing a healthy and safety with the participation of all employees

  • Our basic strategy

    Compliance with the Legislation

    Complying with the relative national and international Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, legal and administrative regulations, cooperating with the organization active in this field.

    Use of Healthy and Safe Technologies

    Using technologies that would meet both ergonomic and safety requirements and increasing efficiency by developing infrastructure in this manner in order to establish a safe and healthy business environment,

    Encouraging Participation

    Encouraging employees to participate in all Occupational Health and Safety efforts with their recommendations and establishing cooperation and communication with all stakeholders including visitors that visit our facility in this framework, sub-employers and contractor employees.