Energy Policy

As Anadolu Isuzu;

    To ensure continuous improvement in our energy performance by reducing our energy intensity, to mobilize information and resources to achieve our goals and objectives,

    To comply with the legal and administrative regulations by complying with the legislative obligations and expectations of the relevant parties in terms of energy consumption and efficient use, and to cooperate with organizations for this purpose,

    To continuously improve the energy performance of production activities, products and services, to work for energy saving, to support the supply of energy efficient products, equipment and services, to give priority to making choices suitable for energy efficiency in the design and revision of facilities and processes, and to encourage the use of renewable energy resources,

    To ensure the continuity of energy efficiency, to ensure that all employees participate in this system with the responsibility and awareness of using energy resources efficiently by reducing the waste of natural resources, and to increase their awareness with information flow and training for this purpose,

    We are committed to increasing the long-term environmental and economic sustainability of our work by reducing energy consumption and costs and reducing our carbon footprint to integrate it into our strategy to combat the climate crisis.