Anadolu Isuzu delivers 15 NPR trucks to Matador Yoldaş


Anadolu Isuzu delivered 15 NPR trucks to the firm Matador Yoldaş the majority of whose fleet consists of Isuzu vehicles. Raising its fleet’s Isuzu vehicle count to 150 with this last shipment, Matador Yoldaş is going to use the trucks for soft drinks delivery.

Anadolu Isuzu sold 15 Isuzu vehicles to the firm Matador Yoldaş of Hatay, which holds dealership contracts with many national brands, in a shipment breaking down to 14 NPR 10 LONG and 1 NPR LONG trucks. Matador Yoldaş is going to use the N-series trucks that cater to a variety of industries with their robust chassis, economical operational costs and wide model range for soft drinks delivery. In attendance at the delivery ceremony in Hatay were Matador Yoldaş Chair Gassan Yoldaş, Board Member Ulaş Yoldaş, Anadolu Isuzu Sales Director Yusuf Teoman, Anadolu Isuzu Sales Manager Atakan Gürler, Öztopraklar Otomotiv Chair Vedi Öztoprak, Öztopraklar Sales Manager Kemal Sürmeli and Matador Yoldaş staff.

Anadolu Isuzu Sales Director Yusuf Teoman noted that they met customers’ requirements swiftly and economically, providing constant service and support after sales. Hatay Isuzu Authorized Sales Agent Öztopraklar Otomotiv’s Chair Vedi Öztoprak said he was happy to see their long-time customer Matador Yoldaş pick his company once again for their new vehicles purchase. Matador Yoldaş Chair Gassan Yoldaş explained that they were going to keep growing with their inventory of Isuzu vehicles which reached 150 in number with the last batch they purchased from Öztopraklar Otomotiv, saying, “Isuzu vehicles will always remain our first choice for their durability, economical operating costs and after-sales service.”