Anadolu Isuzu Delivers 15 NovoLux medium-size coaches to Antalya


Turkey's commercial vehicle brand Anadolu Isuzu delivered the 15 Isuzu NovoLux vehicles to Zemzem Tourism, operating in Antalya. By offering comfort, economical operation and maintenance costs, maneuverability as well as an environment-friendly and high-performance engine, Isuzu NovoLux responds to the needs and expectations of the tourism and transportation industries. 

Turkey's commercial vehicle brand Anadolu Isuzu delivered 15 Isuzu NovoLux medium-size coaches to Zemzem Turizm, one of Antalya's leading companies operating in the fields of tourism and personnel transportation, fleet rental and intercity transportation.


As one of the leading companies in Antalya, which operates in the fields of agency and congress transportation services as well as tourism and personnel transportation, Zemzem Tourism chose Isuzu NovoLux for expanding its fleet with modern vehicles. The vehicles were delivered to Zamzam Turizm with a ceremony held on 15 February, 2022.


The delivery ceremony was participated by the following: Board of Directors Ali Göyük, General Manager Erkan Göyük and Sales Manager Muhsin Çivilibal from Esay Automotive; Chairman of the Board Ayhan Yıldırım as well as the Board Members Ferman Yıldırım, İlhan Yıldırım, Erhan Yıldırım and Tourism General Manager Adnan Buyer from Zemzem Group; Sales Director Yusuf Teoman and Dealer Channel Manager Ferhat Sancaklı from Anadolu Isuzu.


Speaking at the ceremony, Anadolu Isuzu Sales Director Yusuf Teoman said:

“As Anadolu Isuzu, we are proud and happy to meet the demands of the operators in the fields of tourism and personnel transportation for modern, comfortable and safe vehicles with the medium-size coaches we produce in Turkey. We deliver vehicles to Zemzem Turizm as the result of successful works conducted by Esay Automotive, our Antalya dealer. The fact that Zemzem Tourism chose NovoLux for expanding its fleet, is also an indication of the strength of our model in its segment by offering advantages such as comfort, high performance and economical operating costs. Isuzu NovoLux will continue to respond to the needs of the tourism industry forever with its superior features.”


Isuzu NovoLux: Designed specifically for tourism and personnel transportation

Anadolu Isuzu's successful product in the mid-size bus segment, NovoLux, has a long-lasting Isuzu engine of 190 hp in Euro 6D emission standard. In addition to high performance and comfort, NovoLux has a wide range of superior features in terms of security as well as. Offering comfort to its passengers and ergonomics to the driver with its environment-friendly and silent engine, NovoLux provides the most economical operating advantage in its class to its operator with its durable moving parts and efficient engine. NovoLux continues to be the first choice of businesses operating in the fields of tourism, personnel and school transportation.