Anadolu Isuzu’s electric vehicle NovoCITI VOLT delivered first to France


Turkey’s commercial vehicle brand Anadolu Isuzu made the first international delivery of its electric midibus, the NovoCITI VOLT. To be used in public transport services in France, the NovoCITI VOLT successfully meets the high-priority demands of urban town administrations for zero emissions, low noise and modernity with its electric motor and impressive design.

Keeping up its successful run in export markets at an unabated pace, Anadolu Isuzu made the first international delivery of its electric midibus, the NovoCITI VOLT, designed with an eye for the mass transit trends of the future. Developed on the NovoCiti Life platform that Anadolu Isuzu produced bearing in mind the requirements of municipalities far and wide, the NovoCITI VOLT effectively meets today’s world standards in electric midibuses. Developed with utmost emphasis on protecting the environment for sustainable living, the eco-friendly NovoCITI VOLT is attracting a great deal of attention from municipalities in the towns it visits on its demo tour across Europe.

The fully electric NovoCITI VOLT: eco-friendly, silent

With its electric motor and impressive design, the NovoCITI VOLT passes the test with flying colors when it comes to zero emissions, low noise and modernity which rank highest among the municipal priorities in intracity public transport. Network administrations can take advantage of NovoCITI VOLT’s expansive array of available options depending on their operational requirements. Highly maneuverable at a length of 8 meters, the NovoCITI VOLT stands out for its low operating costs and maximum efficiency. Providing an enjoyable ride to its passengers with its spacious and comfortable interior, the NovoCITI VOLT boasts a range of up to 300 km with its 211kWh high-performance batteries. Ceiling-placed batteries and a balanced weight distribution allow passenger capacity to be raised to 52. The NovoCITI VOLT’s regenerative braking system makes a remarkable contribution to the vehicle’s range and overall power management. Its Driver Grading System optimizes operational efficiency with analyses of parameters such as power consumption and a variety of battery capacities catering to all manner of requirements.

“We’ll continue promoting foreign markets with innovative products”

Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan said, “Anadolu Isuzu is going to carry on scoring new achievements in our string of success in exports by harnessing our power of developing and building products tailored to foreign markets and complying with European norms. Our goal is to strengthen our position in international markets and push our export figures higher by means of our eco-friendly vehicles and the manufacturing practices we developed in our production processes in order to protect the environment for sustainable living. We’re becoming more of a number-one choice in eco-friendly, silent, comfortable and modern transportation solutions that satisfy the requirements of municipalities throughout the world to the letter. It gives us great pride and joy to accomplish this first delivery of our eco-friendly vehicle sporting innovative technologies to world standards, the NovoCITI VOLT.”