Anadolu Isuzu’s ecofriendly vehicle Kendo/Interliner on the North Macedonia roads


Anadolu Isuzu delivered the first Kendo/Interliner vehicles, developed at the company’s own R&D Center to meet the needs of local and international customers, to the city of Bitola, North Macedonia. Equipped with a CNG engine, six ecofriendly Kendo/Interliner buses started serving the REK Bitola Power Plant.

Anadolu Isuzu delivered the first CNG-powered ecofriendly Kendo/Interliner buses, designed in line with the public transportation trends of the future. As part of an export deal signed with North Macedonia in February 2020, Anadolu Isuzu delivered 6 Kendo/Interliner vehicles to serve the REK Bitola Power Plant in Bitola. North Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev attended the delivery ceremony on December 19, 2020 at the REK Bitola Power Plant. Anadolu Isuzu entered the Macedonian market 15 years ago with the truck category and exported its first buses to the country in 2019. In 2020, Anadolu Isuzu also delivered three Citiport buses to the TAV-operated Skopje Airport following a purchasing decision to increase capacity, and later four CNG-powered Isuzu Citiport vehicles to the city of Prilep, North Macedonia.

Equipped with Anadolu Isuzu’s smart safety systems

Kendo/Interliner, Anadolu Isuzu’s 13-meter CNG vehicle is a segment-first in Turkey, and the third in Europe in terms of its specifications. With an ecofriendly CNG engine, Kendo/Interliner is designed for long-distance city and intercity transportation. Intended to also serve as a personnel shuttle and school bus, the vehicle offers better cost-effectiveness compared to the coach category but still a similar luggage volume. Standing apart among similar competitor models with 7.5m3 of luggage volume, Kendo/Interliner offers comfort and functionality on par with luxury coaches. Equipped with Anadolu Isuzu's smart safety technologies and features such as driver scoring via the multi-function cluster and self-diagnostics, Kendo/Interliner delivers the best package in its size in terms of spacious driver and passenger areas, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic journey.

Designed as an economical and green solution for shuttle and school bus transportation

Kendo/Interliner stands out as one of the first vehicles to reflect Anadolu Isuzu’s digital, sharp and technological design language. Dramatic proportions, an aerodynamic body, dynamic LED indicators and daytime running lights, a digital dashboard, and a design to enhance user experience all support the new expression of the CNG-powered vehicle. Kendo/Interliner CNG offers the best-in-segment package including the driver cabin and passenger area and combines all components with a maximum capacity and 13-meter length to create an ergonomic space for the driver and passengers. Thanks to its ideal layout, the vehicle features the most spacious driver cabin compared to competitors’ models of the same size and capacity and is offered with different steering wheel and seating position options to ensure comfort and ergonomics for the driver. In addition to a standard version with maximum seating capacity, Kendo/Interliner CNG is also available with the option of folding seats in the middle section to create a wider standing and wheelchair area. Kendo/Interliner CNG is designed as an economical and green solution for shuttle and school bus transportation.