Anadolu Isuzu delivers 25 NPR 3D’s to Okan Coşkun Meşrubat


Anadolu Isuzu delivered 25 NPR 3D’s to Okan Coşkun Meşrubat whose fleet is populated entirely by Isuzu vehicles.

Remaining the domestic market leader in 6-to-16-ton trucks, Anadolu Isuzu delivered a batch of NPR 3D series trucks to Okan Coşkun Meşrubat, an experienced name in the soft drinks and food sector, through its authorized sales agent Çetaş Otomotiv. With no other brand but Isuzu in its motor pool, Okan Coşkun Meşrubat expanded its 70-strong Isuzu truck family with the addition of 25 NPR 3D’s in a ceremony that took place at the company’s headquarters in Avcılar, Istanbul. In attendance were Okan Coşkun Meşrubat Chair Mücahit Coşkun,  General Manager Okan Bolkan,  Anadolu Isuzu Sales Director Yusuf Teoman, Sales Manager Atakan Gürler, Dealerships Director Arif Bugeker, Fleets and Special Customers Director Hamdi Toker, Isuzu Çetaş General Manager Gülay Kökbaş, and Sales Director Haydar Romancı.

Mr. Yusuf Teoman commented, “We’re greatly happy to make this delivery through our agents Çetaş. Okan Coşkun Meşrubat once again opted for Anadolu Isuzu for the vehicles they added to their fleet. This new delivery has brought greater strength to our long-lasting relationship. We’ll be there as their solution partner in new projects in the future.”