Anadolu Isuzu leverages its R&D capabilities to improve the production processes


Anadolu Isuzu aims for higher efficiency in manufacturing processes with the Robotic Welding and Plasma Cutting Package, deployed in the bus production lines as part of the Industry 4.0 activities.

Anadolu Isuzu, a leading Turkish commercial vehicle manufacturer, adapts next-generation applications to all business processes in line with the technological developments in transportation with its R&D and innovation capabilities. With Industry 4.0 efforts proceeding rapidly, Anadolu Isuzu developed the Robotic Welding and Plasma Cutting Package to introduce innovations into the production processes. With the six-axis industrial robot investment in the bus body production lines, Anadolu Isuzu now performs vehicle body cutting and welding operations more efficiently with high quality. The system consists of a six-axis industrial robot, a GR series Double Station Gantry, a welding package, a plasma cutting unit, automatic wire cutting, torch cleaning unit, and other robot equipment for use in welded joining and profile cutting processes in the bus body line.

General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan said that Anadolu Isuzu focuses on adapting innovation and innovative technologies to the products and services, “We consider digitalization, intelligent products, and electrification as our main strategic direction. Therefore, we are invested in extensive structuring efforts. Our truck and bus plant’s Isuzu Monozukuri (IM) certification was recently renewed, confirming our high level of production and quality. We are now the only IM-certified truck plant in Europe and the only IM-certified bus plant worldwide. The Robotic Welding and Plasma Cutting Package that we deployed with our R&D capabilities and Industry 4.0 efforts will enhance our production quality and efficiency.”