Anadolu Isuzu wins the 100-bus tender of Chișinău, Moldova


Anadolu Isuzu continues to assert itself in the export markets with its innovative vehicles, developed by Turkish engineers and manufactured in Turkey. Anadolu Isuzu signed an agreement with the city of Chisinau, Moldova, after winning a tender in April to deliver 100 buses for nearly Euro 12.7 million. The company plans to complete the delivery by the end of 2021.

Anadolu Isuzu’s presence in export markets continues to increase with vehicles developed by Turkish engineers at the company’s R&D center and manufactured in Turkey. Anadolu Isuzu won the tender for 100 buses that the city of Chisinau opened in 2021, proving once again the brand’s success in public transport contracts in Europe. In addition to the delivery of 100 Citiport buses in 2021, the tender also includes after-sales services for these vehicles. Anadolu Isuzu has been active in the Moldovan market since 2019, and the modern Citiport buses will bring comfort to public transit in Chisinau.

General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan noted that Anadolu Isuzu is fast on track toward becoming a global player in the commercial vehicle sector as a brand that both aligns with and drives technology: “We are proud to serve the city of Chisinau, Moldova with vehicles developed by Turkish engineers, just as we do in many European countries, including Romania, Bulgaria, and Lithuania.”