Anadolu Isuzu keeps getting stronger outside Turkey


Anadolu Isuzu is strengthening its position in Georgia where it has been operating since 2019. Having been awarded the Tbilisi Transport Company’s tender for small buses in partnership with its Georgia distributor, the GT Group LLC, Anadolu Isuzu will deliver 180 Novociti Life vehicles to the Tbilisi Transport Company by the end of the year.

Anadolu Isuzu keeps expanding its international sales and market share thanks to its business model which is driven by an innovative perspective and agility. The GT Group LLC,the Georgia distributor for Anadolu Isuzu that has a presence with more than 15,000 vehicles in more than 66 countries, was awarded the Tbilisi Transport Company’s tender for vehicles. Anadolu Isuzu will deliver 180 Novociti Lifes to the Tbilisi Transport Company by the end of 2021 under a contract with the Tbilisi Transport Company.

Noting that they kept getting new tender awards and participating in more tenders, Anadolu Isuzu General Manager Tuğrul Arıkan said, “We’re strengthening our brand across the world as well. Our models developed with an innovative vision remain the favorites of town administrations. We’re proud to have been preferred once again in the Georgian market where we had previously delivered 220 Novociti Lifes. We’re going to deliver the new batch of vehicles to the Tbilisi Transport Company by the end of the year. Our goal at Anadolu Isuzu is to win major municipal tender awards along with sales to fleet operators in all of our markets paralleling our international sales targets for 2021.”

The midibus-sized bus is a head turner

Having signed its brand name under spectacular achievements in Turkey in a brief span of time and having increased its presence abroad, the Isuzu Novociti Life began serving on the roads of the Georgian capital Tbilisi with a €16.9m shipment to the Municipality of Tbilisi in 2019, which marked the largest midibus export in Turkish automotive history.

Outside Turkey, the Isuzu Novociti Life is currently in use in markets such as Poland, Italy, Greece, France, Czechia, Serbia and Spain. Designed as a versatile low-body solution, the Isuzu Novociti Life targets towns with narrow streets with its small-size bus concept rather than large and medium. Its low ground clearance encourages the disadvantaged and the elderly townspeople to participate more in social life. Notable for its appearance like a regular sized bus with midibus dimensions, the Novociti Life is powered by a 186-HP motor producing 680 Nm of torque, which boasts a modern technology complying with Euro 6D standards, ensuring low fuel consumption thanks to its high energy efficiency and satisfying the norm requirements of European town administrations.