Anadolu Isuzu visits Skopje as part of the European Demotour 2021 with Grand Toro and Kendo/Interliner


Anadolu Isuzu continues with its new product launch program. The award-winning Kendo/Interliner and Grand Toro, developed by the Anadolu Isuzu R&D center in European quality standards to meet customer requirements recently visited North Macedonia as part of a demo tour and were received with great interest.

Anadolu Isuzu’s Kendo/Interliner and Grand Toro buses launched onto the international markets in 2020 and currently on “Isuzu Euro Tour 2021”, the demo tour spanning 22 European countries, most recently visited Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. During the visit, the new models were introduced to the major municipalities of Skopje and public transport companies,  allowing the potential users to test the vehicles.

Anadolu Isuzu’s 13-meter Kendo/Interliner, which stands apart among similar competitors with its alternative fuel technology and which can be powered by CNG and is compatible with biogas and the new 8.5-meter Grand Toro are both created by the Anadolu Isuzu R&D Design Center. Both models brought home two awards from the annual A’Design Award design competition in Italy even before they hit the roads, with Kendo/Interliner winning the Gold A’Design Award, and Grand Toro the Silver A’Design Award.


Kendo/Interliner CNG, a segment-first in Turkey and third in Europe


Anadolu Isuzu’s innovative vehicles, developed at the company’s R&D center by considering the target markets’ specific requirements, are in high demand among the shuttle and tourism operators in Europe. Kendo/Interliner, Anadolu Isuzu’s 13-meter CNG vehicle, is a segment-first in Turkey, and the third in Europe in terms of its specifications. With an eco-friendly CNG engine, Kendo/Interliner is designed for long-distance city and intercity transportation. Intended to serve especially as a personnel shuttle and school bus, the vehicle offers better cost-effectiveness compared to the coach category but still a similar luggage volume. Standing apart among competitor models with 7.5m3 of luggage volume, Kendo/Interliner offers comfort and functionality on par with luxury coaches. Equipped with Anadolu Isuzu's smart safety technologies and features such as driver scoring via the multi-function cluster and self-diagnostics, Kendo/Interliner delivers the best package in its size in terms of spacious driver and passenger areas, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic journey.


Grand Toro, a reflection of Anadolu Isuzu’s new design philosophy


Reflecting Anadolu Isuzu's new design philosophy, Grand Toro comes to the forefront among competitors with spacious interiors for both the driver and passengers and high luggage volume. In addition to aiming for the lowest possible fuel consumption, the vehicle also makes loading and unloading luggage more convenient through three lids on the sides. Grand Toro offers the largest luggage volume and lowest fuel consumption in its class. Grand Toro will be one of the first vehicles in the midibus segment to be equipped with Anadolu Isuzu's smart safety technologies, standing apart with features such as driver scoring via the cluster and self-diagnostics.