The safe buses developed by Anadolu Isuzu against COVID-19 on Safranbolu Roads


Isuzu Novociti Life, Anadolu Isuzu's award-winning model developed by Turkish engineers in Turkey, hit the roads in Safranbolu. Equipped with driver protection cabin, disinfectant dispenser and seat warning signs as part of the COVID Prevention Packages developed by Anadolu Isuzu as an industry-first for the protection of public health, 7 Novociti Life buses were delivered to Safranbolu Municipality to offer a more comfortable and safer travel experience for the people of Safranbolu in pandemic conditions.

Isuzu Novociti Life, Anadolu Isuzu's award-winning model, started to serve the people of Safranbolu. Seven Novociti Life buses equipped with COVID Prevention Package features intended to protect the health of both the passengers and drivers with the aim of reducing the infection risk during the COVID-19 pandemic were delivered to Safranbolu Municipality. Safranbolu Mayor Elif Köse, Deputy Mayor Onur Varlı and Anadolu Isuzu Public Transport Sales Manager Murat Küçük attended the delivery ceremony on December 30, 2020. in Safranbolu.

In a speech at the delivery ceremony, Safranbolu Mayor Elif Köse said that they aimed to support the efforts to tackle the pandemic with the COVID-19 prevention package in Isuzu Novociti Life, with a passenger capacity of up to 60 people. Köse added: “One of our seven new generation Isuzu buses was donated to our municipality by Anadolu Isuzu. The high fuel savings of the vehicles will make a significant contribution to the municipal budget. As an environment-friendly municipality, we are pleased that our buses are designed to comply with Euro 6 Emission standards, minimizing the impact on the environment and the climate. Our new generation vehicles equipped with all kinds of comfort, including air conditioning and road safety facilities, also adapt to the narrow streets of our city with their 8-meter length. Our vehicles, designed for accessible transportation to meet the need of people with disabilities, will make the lives of all our citizens easier. We hope that these buses will serve our people for many years without harming the climate, in harmony with Safranbolu streets.”

Anadolu Isuzu Public Transport Sales Manager Murat Küçük noted: “Today, we are delivering six international award-winning Isuzu Novociti Life buses, the most economical and comfortable model in its class with excellent safety and high performance that also makes elderly citizens and people with disabilities access more easily and ride safely with its low floor design. We are very pleased that our modern public transportation vehicles, which will be offered to the people of Safranbolu, will serve this beautiful city for many years. I would like to thank Safranbolu Mayor Elif KÖSE, Deputy Mayor Onur VARLI and their team for choosing Isuzu to ensure that the people of Safranbolu can travel safely and comfortably even during the pandemic.”

The seven Novociti Life buses, delivered to Safranbolu Municipality, are equipped with a driver's cabin, disinfectant dispensers and seat warning signs as part of the COVID Prevention Packages, offered by Anadolu Isuzu as a first in the industry. Focused on incorporating innovations and technological advancements into its products and services, Anadolu Isuzu aims to prevent viral infections through frequently contacted surfaces with disinfectant dispensers with sensors placed at the entrance and to protect the health of the drivers with specially designed cabins that prevent any contact with the passengers. And the warning signs placed on the floor and on the seats that need to be left vacant during this period aim to ensure social distancing and maintaining vehicle capacity within limits.

Preferred by cities with narrow streets

As a solution for changing market needs, the low-floor Isuzu Novociti Life, designed in the concept of small-sized buses, is preferred over large and medium-sized buses in cities with narrow streets. With its low-floor structure, Novociti Life, which has been carefully designed with the emphasis on both the comfort of passengers and the minimum service period required for the vehicle, supports participation of the disabled and elderly population more in social life.

Novociti Life, powered by FPT branded NEF4 engine, stands apart with its midibus-sized bus look while generating 186 horsepower and 680 Nm of torque. The engine technology of FPT that meets Euro 6C emission norms without the need for an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system, delivers high energy efficiency and low fuel consumption.